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Xplor (High Season) Private Tour

  • Adventure
  • Eco-Parks


In the heart of a natural environment is Xplor and through our Xplor (High Season) Private Tour we will take you to discover impressive ancient rock formations amongst other memorable activities, such as Drive 10 km in our amphibious vehicles on and below the earth, navigate aboard our rafts on circuits stretching 530 and 570 m over crystal water, get a bird’s eye view of the jungle thanks to the 14 highest zip-lines in the Riviera Maya. Swim a Stalactite River, enjoy Spelunking inside ancient caves and have a cool Hammock Splash.


From 21of December 2016 to 03 January 2017

From 10 of April to 23 April of 2017

From 03 of July to 20 August of 2017

From 18 of December to 03 of January 2018

From 26 of March to 08 of April 2018

From 02 of July to 19 of August 2018

From 17 of December to 03 of January of 2019

If you are going on a different date please go to the Low season option Click here


*Private vehicle and bilingual driver 

Unlimited buffet and beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, natural smoothies and fresh-flavored water. Alcoholic beverages are not offered).

Two circuits of 7-zip-lines each (minimum height required for this activity: 4.59 ft or 88 lb The maximum permissible weight is 299 lb).

Two swimming circuits down the river of stalactites.

Two river circuits to paddle on Raft

6.2 mile through two circuits with Amphibious Vehicles for two people or two adults and two children (only over 18 years of age may drive).

Hammock Splash.


Helmet, vest and harness.

Locker, rest areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

Admission to Xplor including the 4 main activites: Ziplines, Rafts, Swimming in the underground river and amphibious vehicles

All meals and drink

Lockers and safety gear 


*Pictures and towels


  • Prices are in USD or CAN Dollars
  • Some tours require a full payment at time of booking.
  • If you don’t show up without previous notification to us you will not get refund.
  • All cancellations must be made directly with Canada Transfers
  • For cancelation or reschedule without penalty, call us at least before 6:00pm on the day before the tour
  • Refunds will be made within 24 hrs.or less


Pax Price
Children from 5 to 11 years old pay $74.00 USD
1 $252.00
2 $371.00
3 $511.00
4 $659.00
5 $805.00
6 $955.00
7 $1,101.00
8 $1,259.00
9 $1,417.00
10 $1,575.00
11 $1,733.00
12 $1,891.00
13 $2,049.00
Pax Price
Children from 5 to 11 years old pay $98.00 CAD
1 $333.00
2 $491.00
3 $676.00
4 $872.00
5 $1,065.00
6 $1,263.00
7 $1,456.00
8 $1,665.00
9 $1,874.00
10 $2,083.00
11 $2,292.00
12 $2,501.00
13 $2,710.00