Cancun group Transfers and weddings

Do you have a special event with multiple transfers?

The best of booking with Canada Transfers is that you still get the VIP service we normally give to our customers and share the transfer only with members of your group.

How do we quote a group?

Our rates are per van and they will depend on the number of people in each van, see our rates click here, the more people with the same flights the less vans needed. Please download the following Excel sheet to send us your guests list and we will send you back an accurate quote as briefly as possible.

Special requests

From personalized signs for your group to bottles of Champagne. Even on groups we can still accomplish those special requests from our clients, let us know your needs.

Things to consider

The schedules are previously agreed with the group leader to make sure you will receive the kind of service that you want, please consider to stay in touch in all means possible with your group coordinator to confirm that you are agree with the established schedules.

When sharing a van with people with different flights, unforeseen slight changes may occur, our logistic team will coordinate the vans as best possible to avoid long waits with the scheduled vans but consider having patience to wait for your mates if you want to stick to your original budget or hiring additional vans may be needed due to flight delays.

On departures, the pick-ups can be shared with members of your group whose flight has a difference of 30 minutes. In case of changes.